HST spoken word album?

This project looks very interesting - it seems a spoken word version of The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved is in the works.

The article notes that this is not a compilation but the whole article. Long time gonzo fans may remember a spoken word rendition of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas that pre-dated the movie from Margaritaville Records. It featured Jim Jarmusch and was released in honour of FLLV's 25th anniversary. Hmm, it seems like I don't even have an old copy of that page on the site, but I remember it was pretty good.

Gonzo on Google Books

I made a fascinating discovery tonight (via MetaFilter) that you can find old magazines as well as books on Google Books. I haven't really checked the magazine part, but here are some gonzo books that have previews that can be read online. As a bonus, the books are also searchable! Whew, I could have used that 14 years ago.

Hell's Angels (this looks like full-view).

SPIN magazine article

Hunter S. Thompson by Jay Cowan

Part 2 of FLLV

Happy Googling!

HST is the Key

For a time I wondered how I would write this post, and it occurred to me a few months ago when I bought a copy of Lynn Goldsmith's Rock and Roll photography book. Lynn, as you may recall, photographed HST several times over the years. I realized then, had it not been for HST, that I would have missed out on so much.

I can think of a dozen things about myself that would not have prospered if it wasn't from the natural progression from reading Hell's Angels to collecting old magazines. I looked up all the names that seemed to flutter around him, from Annie Leibovitz to Tom Wolfe and discovered a treasure trove of art, history, movies, photography and writing that I couldn't have imagined.

In some ways he was a lynchpin between the beats and new journalists, and I see that influence all over my bookshelves. If it wasn't for HST, I probably wouldn't have become a web developer; I'd still be loading book trucks at the public library*.

But you don't come to this website to read about me. The personal impact that HST has had on so many readers cannot be ignored though. The personal story is the most common sort of email I used to receive (maybe it still is; I haven't checked my gonzo mail in a couple years). Now that everyone and their dog has a blog, I know there will be lots of stories like that this month. I'm not sure what else I can add to these thoughtful stories, except to add my eternal thanks and appreciation for HST's time on this material plane.

*A few years ago I ran into an old co-worker and she raved about how it was a great time to be at the library because they were hiring for so many positions. The trouble with the library is that nobody leaves unless they die or retire, so there must have been a great retirement wave. Or a death wave. The sad thing is that this was 10 years after I left the library. Oooof!

HST Portrait

This is a wonderful portrait of HST by Nathan Manire. I love all the little brush strokes used to make up the face. Now that's talent! There is no convenient tube of "flesh" coloured paint in the art world.

Speaking of that, I have finally applied to art college after many years of taking credit classes. My portfolio is due in April, and so far I have two of the 12-15 required pieces. I'm sure it's not impossible, but I'm looking forward to making this deadline! I can't really say why I want a BFA so much, except that it matters a lot to me. I would have applied earlier, but some of you may recall I had some huge dental bills in the past that delayed this for me. Ugh.

This and that

If you haven't noticed Johnny Depp on the cover of
Entertainment Weekly, take a closer look - he's wearing a gonzo fist pendant. Here's a pic of the cover.

According to the article, you can get a discount on gonzo merch as well - "through Jan. 1, 2010, you can get 15% off all orders over $10 by entering the promo code HOLIDAY2009 at checkout (though the site suggests placing your order by Dec. 18 to ensure delivery within the U.S.)"

The URL for the Gonzo Store, which is run by Anita Thompson, is http://www.gonzostore.com/.

It looks like another Vegas landmark is destined to be just a memory. Immortalized in FLLV, the Mint Tower is closing. I wish we had had another day to ride the Deuce at night in a big loop...it would have been quite the sight to see. Nothing is permanent I guess.

William McKeen has been updating his Facebook fan page for his book Outlaw Journalist with a lot of linkage lately, so I heartily recommend pop on over and become a fan to get more gonzo news in your FB feed.