I'm amused!

If you enjoy wasting time on the Internet like most people, you'll probably love 20Q.net a 20 questions game that is surprisingly good at guessing -

Q19. I am guessing that it is Hunter S. Thompson?
Right, Wrong, Close
18. Are you Catholic? No.
17. Are you a teenager? No.
16. Are you white? Yes.
15. Are you American? Yes.
14. Are you a business person? No.
13. Are you part of an association or league? Yes.
12. Have you used a weapon? Yes.
11. Did you die under suspicious circumstances? No.
10. Were you involved in a scandal? Yes.
9. Are you known as a hero? Yes.
8. Were you nominated for an Academy Award? No.
7. Are you still alive? No.
6. Are you a political figure? Sometimes.
5. Are you known for your live performances? No.
4. Are you a movie star? No.
3. Do you play outdoors? No.
2. Are you old? Yes.
1. Were you popular in the '90s? Yes.

Q19. I am guessing that it is William Burroughs?
Right, Wrong, Close
18. Were you involved in a scandal? Yes.
17. Are you an only child? No.
16. Are you comedic? No.
15. Are you on a hit TV show? No.
14. Have you ever been in jail? Yes.
13. Do you appeal to teenagers? Yes.
12. Are you white? Yes.
11. Are you still alive? No.
10. Were you popular in the '40s? No.
9. Are you funny? Sometimes.
8. Are you attractive? No.
7. Are you a singer? No.
6. Are you a game show host? No.
5. Were you born between 1900-1950? Yes.
4. Do you wear makeup? No.
3. Are you an actor? Sometimes.
2. Are you still on the air? No.
1. Were you popular with children? No.
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Seasons Greetings

Hi peeps,

It has been forever since I updated, I know. Taking two classes on top of work was a lot more than I anticipated. I really enjoyed exploring textiles and writing essays this semester. Next semester I have a figure drawing class and more essay writing! It's nice to have a Christmas break coming up.

I will be moving the site to a new host in the new year, so there will be some service disruption. I really was overpaying by hosting with Telus, but it was so much easier to not have to move a 6GB site and just pay the piper :-)

There is a new graphic novel out about Hunter S. Thompson called Gonzo. The novel is biographical and I can't wait to pick up a copy, although I'm not too keen on the art style from the previews I have seen. HST has had the comic book treatment a few times over the years, but rarely has it been biographical.

If you have an Android phone (like moi! Go open source!) you can set up a news widget to get news about HST right on your phone along with the weather and local news. Just open the widget, choose Settings > News Settings and add Hunter S. Thompson as a topic.

The Crazy Never Die

I'm not sure if this is the first time this old video has popped up on YouTube, but it made the front page of Disinformation a few weeks ago. I used to love reading up on all the conspiracy theories on that site - and it makes me feel old. It also makes me feel old that my copy of The Crazy Never Die is on VHS. It's easy to forget when the internet was just a novelty and not something ingrained in people's every day lives!

Part one is embedded below; part two is also available on YouTube.

Belated Birthday Wishes

"Your basement sounds like a real treasure trove," my co-worker remarked to me one day after I told her about some of the oddball things in our basement. For the past few months I have been excavating cleaning out the basement. Calgary now has blue cart recycling, and there's nothing quite like seeing 65 dry gallons of cardboard and old magazines go out the door each week for several weeks. It's odd what people carry around, and I found some true gems, like old issues of the Utne Reader and Wired that make me nostalgic for the 90s. The time capsule effect was really unexpected.

It's a sad fact that we never look at 80% of any information we store again, which was the problem with our basement. And I couldn't find the important stuff, such as this picture I'm going to share with you.

I drew it in Grade 12, which for me was 1994-1995. I didn't have a camera that could take a decent photo of it because of the huge size and the fact that it was tucked away for many years. In some ways I have to roll my eyes at the fan worship, and I`m not sure just why I included a Canadian flag :-D But it is what it is - an honest expression of a teenager who loved the writing of Hunter S. Thompson. And I worked from the itty bitty portrait on the cover of Songs of the Doomed no less! I had such a fun time making the picture - the idea was to build a drawing around photo or photocopy transfers, and in a poorly ventilated art room, the xylene gel gave me the giggles. Everything was funny!

As I got to thinking about the picture, I realized what a great birthday entry it would make, but could I find it in time? Argh! Yes and no. As I re-organized all my drawings it kept evading me. This fall I am finally going to finish first year at the Alberta College of Art and Design. It's been a slow go taking credits over the past 7 years - but one that has finally paid off. Maybe more informed, less fannish portraits of Hunter S. Thompson will be something I visit again in the future. We`ll see...
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Gonzo News Round-Up

Whew! Lots of linkage today. I can't believe I sat on posting these for so long...well, actually I can!

Here's a Canadian Broadcasting Company clip of HST defending Hells Angels with a...Hells Angel. I had no idea the CBC had this goodie in its archive.

Breakfast With Hunter Volume 2 is also coming out on July 13 from Wayne Ewing.

I liked this article, "Mild Dread and Some Aversion in Aspen". I'd still like to visit Colorado some day and see the other side of the Rockies...but I think Aspen would be way out of my league. The ritziest thing I have is a Coach purse and that probably wouldn't even do :-D

An enterprising blogger decided to make use of FOIA and found out that the CIA does not have a file on HST. He's still awaiting a reply from the FBI. I'm intrigued!

This seems pretty morbid, but Amazon lists a DVD available for pre-order for Thompson, Hunter S. - Final 24: His Final Hours. The thought is so unnappealing that I don't even want to entertain more research into it.

Gregory Ego posts some pictures of HST at a booksigning in Denver from a few years ago in his blog. It's hard to believe that all those booksignings were ten years ago now.

And lastly, you're nobody if you're not immmortalized in Lego:

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Writer's Block: The tenth time's the charm

What movie have you seen the most times in your life? How many times have you seen it? Will you ever grow tired of it?
I have watched FLLV at least ten times, including twice in the theatre, once on DVD and all the other times on good ol' VHS. Unfortunately I really can't watch it anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love the movie, but thinking about watching it again is exhausting. It was after the second theatre showing that I realized how much it left me feeling beat up, which few movies ever really do. The other movie that reminds me of that feeling is 1964's Fail Safe, which is really an excellent Cold War movie by the way. Ahhh, maybe give me ten years and I'll watch FLLV again!