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If you enjoy wasting time on the Internet like most people, you'll probably love 20Q.net a 20 questions game that is surprisingly good at guessing -

Q19. I am guessing that it is Hunter S. Thompson?
Right, Wrong, Close
18. Are you Catholic? No.
17. Are you a teenager? No.
16. Are you white? Yes.
15. Are you American? Yes.
14. Are you a business person? No.
13. Are you part of an association or league? Yes.
12. Have you used a weapon? Yes.
11. Did you die under suspicious circumstances? No.
10. Were you involved in a scandal? Yes.
9. Are you known as a hero? Yes.
8. Were you nominated for an Academy Award? No.
7. Are you still alive? No.
6. Are you a political figure? Sometimes.
5. Are you known for your live performances? No.
4. Are you a movie star? No.
3. Do you play outdoors? No.
2. Are you old? Yes.
1. Were you popular in the '90s? Yes.

Q19. I am guessing that it is William Burroughs?
Right, Wrong, Close
18. Were you involved in a scandal? Yes.
17. Are you an only child? No.
16. Are you comedic? No.
15. Are you on a hit TV show? No.
14. Have you ever been in jail? Yes.
13. Do you appeal to teenagers? Yes.
12. Are you white? Yes.
11. Are you still alive? No.
10. Were you popular in the '40s? No.
9. Are you funny? Sometimes.
8. Are you attractive? No.
7. Are you a singer? No.
6. Are you a game show host? No.
5. Were you born between 1900-1950? Yes.
4. Do you wear makeup? No.
3. Are you an actor? Sometimes.
2. Are you still on the air? No.
1. Were you popular with children? No.
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