gonzocanuck (gonzocanuck) wrote,

Seasons Greetings

Hi peeps,

It has been forever since I updated, I know. Taking two classes on top of work was a lot more than I anticipated. I really enjoyed exploring textiles and writing essays this semester. Next semester I have a figure drawing class and more essay writing! It's nice to have a Christmas break coming up.

I will be moving the site to a new host in the new year, so there will be some service disruption. I really was overpaying by hosting with Telus, but it was so much easier to not have to move a 6GB site and just pay the piper :-)

There is a new graphic novel out about Hunter S. Thompson called Gonzo. The novel is biographical and I can't wait to pick up a copy, although I'm not too keen on the art style from the previews I have seen. HST has had the comic book treatment a few times over the years, but rarely has it been biographical.

If you have an Android phone (like moi! Go open source!) you can set up a news widget to get news about HST right on your phone along with the weather and local news. Just open the widget, choose Settings > News Settings and add Hunter S. Thompson as a topic.
Tags: books, hst

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