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Gonzo News Round-Up

Whew! Lots of linkage today. I can't believe I sat on posting these for so long...well, actually I can!

Here's a Canadian Broadcasting Company clip of HST defending Hells Angels with a...Hells Angel. I had no idea the CBC had this goodie in its archive.

Breakfast With Hunter Volume 2 is also coming out on July 13 from Wayne Ewing.

I liked this article, "Mild Dread and Some Aversion in Aspen". I'd still like to visit Colorado some day and see the other side of the Rockies...but I think Aspen would be way out of my league. The ritziest thing I have is a Coach purse and that probably wouldn't even do :-D

An enterprising blogger decided to make use of FOIA and found out that the CIA does not have a file on HST. He's still awaiting a reply from the FBI. I'm intrigued!

This seems pretty morbid, but Amazon lists a DVD available for pre-order for Thompson, Hunter S. - Final 24: His Final Hours. The thought is so unnappealing that I don't even want to entertain more research into it.

Gregory Ego posts some pictures of HST at a booksigning in Denver from a few years ago in his blog. It's hard to believe that all those booksignings were ten years ago now.

And lastly, you're nobody if you're not immmortalized in Lego:

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson
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